Meeting & conference chair

allright has the potential to become a modern classic – not only in terms of it’s design, but because it can be used universally and combined with other furniture or style worlds, it just goes anywhere – even if there are changes to the furnishing or layout of rooms in the future. That is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to planners, who gain more flexibility as a result.




Whatever happens: it’s allright.

Regardless of whether it be as a conference chair, visitor‘s chair or for project work: allright is a
true all-rounder that is suitable for universal use and which can adapt to any situation. With its intelligent concept, it blends harmoniously into any setting, uniting elegance with ergonomics.





The all-rounder that adapts. Even to high demands.

allright is not just a chair for any situation. But also for any visual requirements. The design offers striking details such as a consistent material thickness of seat, backrest and armrest that lends the shell welcome flexibility while providing delicate lightness. There are also many different fitting options that even include high quality leather upholstery, with which allright can be customised with stylistic confidence.





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