attention single user desk

Feeling good while working – for this dream combination, the attention desk system offers the perfect starting point. This begins with the eye-catchingly elegant and lightweight design. Three types of frame, a large number of desk top shapes and beneficial ergonomic options predestine attention for practically any application in the office – as a desirable single workstation or for small teams and meetings.


Design: Andreas Struppler

The best desk? One that suits you exactly!
Sedus attention is a design-oriented desking range that is able to fulfil very different wishes and needs – and especially demands for quality. It offers different types of frame, individually selectable desk top shapes and functional, ergonomic accessories. Attention gives everyone the workstation that he or she has always wanted. And with the premium quality that Sedus is well known for.







Natural design: unique, solid wooden desk tops.
Even a special range of desks such as Sedus attention can have an extra added virtue. How else could solid wooden desk tops be described when each one is different to the other? Choices include “barrel oak” and “steamed walnut” desk tops, which are made from the wood of the tree trunks. As each tree grows differently, every solid desk top is different – a real and stunningly unique product.





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