Mobile pedestal


The Sedus mobile pedestals can be put to good use in a number of areas in the office. With their various features and fittings they can be used as flexible storage and catering furniture, whilst their height means that they are also suitable as room dividers, communication elements and standing workstations. They are also available with tambour doors and a higher back panel that includes a function rail as standard.

Office to go.

Today, mobility is required in the office as well as in working life. Modern office furniture such as the mobile personal storage units by Sedus were developed for this very purpose. Wherever different places are used as non-territorial workplaces, they are used as storage space, communication elements or standing workplaces to take away. Of course, they can be equipped to suit individual desires and requirements, for instance with a coat hook or letterbox slot.



Catering on wheels.

Business partners and customers are king – and especially if they are guests. In this case, the mobile personal storage units by Sedus with the sophisticated catering features appeal as flexible support for catering. Wherever guests are waiting, perfect service is guaranteed with cutlery inserts, bottle and glass holders and a high quality tray.






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